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As the old saying goes “You should never put all your eggs in one basket”. At Wovenology, we could not agree more, one basket is never enough!

A Wovenology basket promises to provide an injection of colour, design and warmth into your life and home whether it be as a stylish storage solution, a cosy sanctuary for a newborn and beyond or as a handsome haven for your hound. We bring you a showstopper version on an otherwise everyday functional item.

Imported directly from Ghana, each of our basket products is  ethically sourced and handwoven by artisans whose knowledge of the art has been passed down through generations. In turn for their work we provide this weaving community with a fair salary. The double thickness weave of elephant grass used in this highly skilled basket making process ensures the strength and longevity of your timeless keepsake. Our wide range of sustainable and environmentally friendly products has a positive impact on both people and the planet, meaning that a Wovenology basket really is a "basket for good" in more ways than one.

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Some Top Tips & Ideas From Wovenology!

Wovenology Baby Moses Basket – An Accessory Guide

Wovenology Baby Moses Basket – An Accessory Guide

Planning for a new baby is daunting enough with all the various things that you might need in preparation for the arrival. We have put together a guide of some accessories you might require that work well with a Wovenology Baby Basket.


18, May,2020