Moses Basket One-Of-A-Kind No.2


Beautiful Moses Baskets each woven to a unique design. Taking 5 days to weave using techniques learnt over generations these baskets have a remarkable strength, durability and quality. Constructed of elephant grass, non-toxic dyes and finished off with locally sourced brown leather. Each basket includes a 3cm thick foam mattress that has a washable organic cotton quilted cover manufactured separately in the UK. (British Standard 7177 2008 + A1).

** Please note these items are not meant to be used as a carrying vessel for a baby, they should only be used when placed on a flat stable surface such as the floor. These baskets are designed to only be used by supervised new born babies, it is important to only use the mattresses provided as they have been manufactured to fit the internal dimensions of your basket.**

Approximate Size:

L83cm x W42cm x D23cm